About Us


To create a brotherhood for Black males, that promotes advancement, while bringing us together through coffee. 


BLK MEN COFFEE is a socially conscious company that cares deeply about our community, and is committed to the advancement of Black Males throughout America and beyond. Founded by a 30 year old Black man and entrepreneur, Darrin Cook, who has a deep passion for coffee and seeing people who look like him excelling in life. Darrin was exasperated from witnessing the unfair treatment of his fellow brothers and decided to invoke change.

BLK MEN COFFEE provides a platform to discuss, analyze, and create solutions to dismantle the racial, economic, and systemic injustices, impacting Black Males in America, all while uniting us around something we are all familiar with and love: coffee

Learn more about our Founder, Darrin: www.darrincook.com.

A percentage of every order will go towards our programs & initiatives to educate and teach valuable skills to our brothers, while actively fighting to correct racial, political, and social injustices against us within America.

When you make a purchase, you're not only getting incredible tasting coffee, but you are putting your money towards a great cause. Learn about our programs & initiatives here.

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